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Welcome to Metro Atlanta Towing Service LLC

Metro Atlanta Towing Services LLC.
Is committed to making your experience as pleasant as possible. Car troubles can sometimes be unexpected, and we understand that you are in a difficult time and need assistance. Allow us with our state of the art equipment and highly trained staff to serve you. We have many years of experience and are ready to serve you. Give us a call we have towing operator standing by!

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When you call us, you’re more than a customer. You become part of our family, and we treat you just like family. That means providing you with fast and reliable service for a reasonable rate. We’re one of the few family owned towing companies in Metro Atlanta, but we have expanded over the years so that we can quickly reach your location. Metro Atlanta Towing is the fastest and friendliest towing company that will meet your towing needs to wherever it needs to go. We have connections with many local body shops and auto dealers, but we’re also happy to provide a tow to the address you provide. When you choose Metro Atlanta Towing, you’re choosing a company that will go above and beyond to get your vehicle where it needs to go.

When choosing what tow company to go with here are a few things to keep in mind;

Many people advertise lowest prices in town! But-

  • Do they have hidden fees?
  • Do they have the insurance to cover any damage that can happen to your vehicle?
  • Do they have proper equipment to tow your car correctly and secured properly?
  • Are their drivers trained and seasoned?
  • Are their drivers and dispatchers professional?
  • Can they make it to you in the time they tell you?
  • Are they a reputable company?
  • How clean are their trucks?
  • Do they use digital dispatching?
  • Are there trucks up to date on inspections and maintenance?
  • Do they accept all major credit cards?

A few things you can expect when you call us, is that we are a highly reputable company! We do not have hidden fees when the driver arrives on scene he/she will tell you what they have to do and advise you if there is any change in price, rather than just doing it and then telling you at the end that there is a price increase without your approval. Every tow is different the situation may be a little more complicated than expected. But believe us when we tell you that we will be fair and will never do a job without your approval first. We have great insurance that covers just about anything, in the event that something may happen.  Gwinnett and its surrounding areas have a heavy traffic problem. When we quote you an e.t.a. (estimated time of arrival) we try our absolute best to make it in time. If we are running behind we let you know immediately so you are in the loop of what’s going on.

We only hire the best drivers and even there we go thru a trained process with them to insure that your experience with us is the absolute best you can have. We pride ourselves in our trucks and try to have our trucks washed inside and out on weekly bases. We do daily inspections before they trucks leave our shop and also yearly inspections with the department of transportation. We use a digital software system to dispatch our drivers to each and every call and information is not mistaken due to miscommunication over a radio. For all of the higher end cars we have soft straps to secure your car. For all the lowered cars we have you covered as well. We have ramps to load and unload safely, securely, and damage free. Parking deck calls are a breeze. Metro Atlanta Towing has got you covered in and out of a parking deck. If we can’t make it in, we promise you that we will do our best to help you and your car get to your destination, even if we have to lead you to another company. Even though we are not getting the call from you due to us not being able to do it, we get you the service you need. We are not always worried about the money but more so about your safety and your vehicle making it safely to its destination.

When you’re on the side of the interstate we have lights, cones, and safety equipment to protect ourselves, you, and your means of transportation.  Yes there is the law to move over or slow down for emergency vehicles, but unfortunately many drivers do not abide by these laws. So we have taken many precautions to ensure the safety of everyone and making sure our trucks and personal can be seen.  Motorcycles can be very difficult to load, unload, and secure properly. We will have you relived that we treat your motorcycle as if it was our own personal baby.  We first safely load it and at that point we safely secure it with soft nylon straps, that not only secure it but also do not damage the motorcycle!

Metro Atlanta Towing has handled some of the oddest tows in the area that Gwinnett and surrounding counties can produce! We have pulled cars out of tractor trailers while moving into Atlanta. We have handled many different accident scenes; such as rollovers, minor fender benders, guard rail recoveries, bridge recoveries, and many more. Why have the police call there tow truck and charge and arm and leg to recover or tow your car? Give us a call and let us handle your accident in a timely manner and cost efficiently! When your car goes into a ditch and is stuck it may seem like it is the end of the world, but believe us when we tell you it is not. Our staff is highly trained to safely recover your property at half the cost of some of the wrecker companies in Atlanta and Gwinnett. Local police and state police will call their own Wrecker Company to come get you out, but you do not have to go with them. If you advise them that you have your own company coming and we can get there with in the time they allow us why not let us tow it or recover it? It’s less cost to you and we can store or deliver it to where you need it to go at a reasonable cost!

Reviews do not lie! Check us out on Google or our Facebook page and see what everyone is talking about! We come highly reviewed and highly recommended! Granted we cannot make 100% of the people happy but we strive to make as many of our customers happy and have as pleasant of an experience as they possibly can!

We have seen many Atlanta towing companies come and go. They do not have what it takes to be the best or just handle to kind of calls and call volume that Atlanta or Gwinnett can provide. But we will let you in on a little secret! Metro Atlanta Towing is here to stay and not going anywhere. We provide services to many different contracts and serve many people on a daily basis! We are here to stay. Why don’t you pick up the phone dial (678)278-9260 now and see what all of Atlanta and Gwinnett are talking about! Call Atlanta’s premier towing company.  We can handle all sorts of cars, trucks, motorcycles, even the odd calls! Try us out today (678)278-9260. One call and your hooked!